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Rio Grande Publishing Of The Southwest, Santa Fe, N.Mexico 87501

"The Pirates Of Key Largo"

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May The Lord Jesus Christ Always Be With You
For My Friend: Dr. Harold William Kelly, Pharm.D, at The University Of New Mexico

   This Tall Island Tale Begins In Key Largo. I Was At The Beach Recently, and Thought Of My Good Friends At Saint Jude's Children's Hospital, and The Nice Children In The Hospital, and Hope That We Here At Rio Grande Publishing Of The Southwest, Can Help Put A Smile On Their Faces.

The Tales Begin Like This: God Bless!! Happy Reading!
This is a Tall Island Tale, Due South Of Ole' Mexico, way across the waters.. we're making good time, our sails flying high, we'll sail across the Great Gulf Of Mexico, steaming for, Key Largo Bay!
We asked the Captain, Skipper can you see the clouds in the distance, He said Ahh!! Yes!, The Wind, and Rain Soon Will Be Here!
We sailed across the Pacific Ocean, then down to the Gulf Of Mexico, sailing to the Great Atlantic Ocean, the sun is bright, the tide was heavy, as we're the seas.

Our good Captain, able bodied, and always wise on the bridge of the ship, was the Great Phillip O. Anderson, of Wales of course.. of the Royal United Kingdom, for he had sailed near, and far, he'd journeyed across the world many, many times, and was well known throughout the world, for many a-helmsman became Great mariners, and officers of the Royal Queen's Navy, all who proudly defended the Honor of the people all across the lands, and as far as the Great United States Of America, the Great Captain Anderson, was even known as far as the south China seas, he had many friends, and all the kids loved him both near, and both far.
Now...T'was the night, right as the clock struck midnight when Yeoman Chief, our friend Baxter, a-able bodied yellow feline cat, who is the ships First-mate, heard a urgent call on the ships radio it said:
"The Pirates Of Key Largo Are Hiding Near Key Largo Bay!"
Yeoman Chief Scott messaged the Brave Captain Anderson... off to the bridge of the ship went he and Boatswain's mate Chief Baxter,.. yea!!!..., for the good crew knew how dangerous the Pirates of Key Largo were, and all the kids in Key Largo are really scared!
There was a bright red, and white vessel in the sunny sunshine, 5 miles to the right, and due south of the starboard bow of the good crew and ship, First Mate Baxter said Captain!:
"It's Our Good Friends From Thunder Bay Canada, They Have Sailed Here From Montreal, And A Fine Ship She Was!
"We'll  Sing A Song Of The Stories We Could Tell."
In the distance we see the moon light, we had sailed night and day, with a full days sail we sailed into Key Largo Bay.
T'was the morning of the new day, when we reached the famous bay, with our help from our friends from Thunder Bay, we found the Pirates Of Key Largo Bay.
We waited for the pirates, they tried to hide in their
hide away, they had planned to take the Great treasure then quickly sail away, our brave First Mate, and the Captain lead the way.
In split of the moment to all of our suprize was our good friend Dexter Jr who showed us were the Pirates of Key Largo were hiding, he, and Captain Anderson, and all our good friends guarded  the treasure that was the pride, and joy of the Honorable people of Key Largo Bay, and Our Royal Majesty of the Royal United Kingdom!
"Yea! Sing A Song of The Stories We Could Tell!"
If you wish upon a star, the stars a' shinning bright, we'll set sail once again, remember God loves us so always Smile!
With this journey we'll bid you all farewell, and until next time, we look forward to seeing all our friends in Key Largo Bay.
To the Captain, and the brave crew of the Great sailing Steamship, aboard the:
Phillip O. Anderson, and yes all our good friends, and of course Dexter Jr.
"All Aboard!"
To our good friends of the Royal Canadian Coast Guard, under the Royal flag of the Canadian Maple leaf.
Thank you, for all the children, may the:
"Lord Jesus Christ Always Be With You!"
This Tall Island Tale Is Part Of My Way Of Saying Thanks To All The Great People I Meet Everyday In My Travels As A Author.
God Bless!
"I'll Sing The Songs Of The Tales We Could Tell!"
Take Good Care, Until Next Time.
 Marshall J. Wright
In The Year Of 1878

Saint Jude's Children's Hospital (Open)