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"The King And The Queen, In A Coach Of Three"

A Philosophical Art Collection By Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, The Galaxy Of The Glass Mind, Hemingway
Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD, J.S.D
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The King, and The Queen, In A Coach Of Three
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A Few Words From The Pen Of: Clifford G. Fleetwood.
The Travels Of Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD
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Once upon a time, t'was a beautiful castle where the King, the Queen, and their court lived, the Queens splendor was the delight of the Castle.

On the throne sat the King, and Queen, Red, and Gold were their throwns, of such pride, and pleasure.

The crown jewel of the Grand people of London town, was the beautiful golden coach with a wonderful white horse that could fly.

Into the night, and into the universe they would fly, all across the Royal United Kingdom, into the Stars, and from the Castle of Gold they would go.

See all the Lads, and Lasses, loved the Coach of Gold, the Royal King, and Queen, had magical powers, and a really neat Jennie in a magnificent bottle that rode with them in the Coach of Gold from the Grand Castle of the Grand people of the Fantastic Royal Kingdom.

Well you see..., t'was the night before the dawn's early light when the King, and Queen journey'd  into the skys, the Horse of white flew into the night, they flew near the moon, the Jennie, named Ms. Jennie drove the splendid Coach of Gold, the wise Horse needed not be be told where to go, for the moon was bright, and the seas forever filled with glee, see my good friends, good tidings, and good luck will follow you if you choose the road of Gold, in the Coach of Gold, the King, the Queen, the Horse of White, and Ms. Jennie, who always smile for you, and me, as they drive us into our  mystic dreams, neath the moon light, ahh... across, and into the sun, and back to the Magic Palace, the spectacular Castle that reaches the clear blue skys, where our journey begins, and yes, where our journey always ends.
Yes Indeed!

Johann' Christian Bach'
Fine German Classical Music Composer
Of :
Bach' Family of Germany

Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD
American Author, Composer, Philosopher,
"Anno 2018 In The Year of The New Renaissance"

Take Good Care Friends!

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