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Rio Grande Publishing Of The Southwest, Santa Fe, N.Mexico 87501

"A Tale Of 2 Ships"

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Rio Grande Publishing Of The Southwest
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501

Once upon a time, in the lands near the seas of Scotland, was a noble
sail-maker named: Jaque' De' La Fountaineu'
Paris,  France'.
In this sea of dreams, we live to see, the sun, the rain, the winds from the far North, and the Dreams in life, we live to tell.

On this adventure is a man of music, and Great talents, he too from Paris, who played the violin with such beauty, and grace, the beautiful music filled the air neath the Eiffel Tower, near the majestic Seine River, of France'.

Now, on this tale of which there have been many ships of the Great seas however,
Tale Of 2 Ships, Ahh...Sailing Beneath The Bright Moonlight.

As there are 7 seas,  for 7 oceans, this tale of two ships of Dreams will take us a-far... under the Hazel moon, and beyond the:

Do You Love to Dream?

Like the theater of dreams, musical dreams, magical dreams, day dreams, dreams in our sleep, this Tale of 2 Ships, 2 ships in the sea of dreams, to dream by the winding seas.

In The Dream Theater...

In the high mountains of Aspen Colorado, was a dreamer, he dreamed of traveling to the open seas, the snow of the mountains, the leaves in Autunm turn to gold, pure is the breeze in the meadows of the Grand Mountains.

As Magical As The Crystal Blue Waters Of The Magic Filled Seas.

If you listen you'll see...sit still...listen to the Beauty.

Shakespeare, Julius Cezar, on the Seashore...

The Duke of Buckingham...Baron Henry Brougham.

2 Tales:
 King James I
King Of Scotland
King James I
Great English Empire.
The King James Bible
    "The English Renaissance Of Europe"
"In This Tale of 2 Ships Near The Sea"
                                   "The Sea In The Dreams We See"
                               Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD
                             American Author, Composer, Philosopher,
                                                    Attorney At Law
                                              The International Bar
                                                  London, England
In The Royal United Kingdom

"Long Live Our Grand, and Royal Majesty"
                                    "The Most High and Honorable"
                                              Queen Elizabeth II
                                            Buckingham Palace
                                        The Great Royal Kingdom

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                              Rio Grande Publishing of The Southwest
                                     Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
                           Brougham Publishing Of London Limited

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